Our Stars

2020 Accomplishments
  • AKC/UDC Ch. Treasure Seeker's Black Pearl, IGP2, VCX, WAC, CGC (Pearl) - New IGP2 (x2), New AKC Champion, New UDC VCX
  • Treasure Seeker's Cherished Gem, BH - New BH
  • Treasure Seeker's Calypso Nights, WAC, HRD, CGC - New DPCA WAC, Operational SAR Dog
2019 was a busy year also!
  • UDC Ch. Treasure Seeker's Black Pearl, IGP1, WAC, CGC (Pearl) - New IGP1
  • Treasure Seeker's Cherished Gem, WAC - New DPCA WAC
And the beat goes on in 2018!
  • UDC Ch. Treasure Seeker’s Black Pearl, BH, WAC, CGC (Pearl) —New BH, New UDC Champion, New CGC
  • UDC Ch. Treasure Seeker's Asher, IPO3, WAC (Asher) - New IPO3, New UDC Champion
  • Treasure Seeker's Black Onyx, IPO1, WAC, ATT, CA, CGCA - New IPO1, New WAC - Owner Jackie Thompson
  • Treasure Seeker's Calypso Nights, CGC (Quinn) - Level III HRD test (Search and Rescue) - Owner - Maria Ciski
  • Treasure Seeker's Archer, CD, BN, RE, BTr - New Mondioring Brevet - Owner Laura Blankenship
We have been busy in 2017!
  • Treasure Seeker’s Asher, IPO2, WAC (Asher)—New IPO2 (85-73-85a), 2 UDC CCs
  • Treasure Seeker’s Black Pearl, WAC (Pearl) —New WAC, 2 UDC Youth CCs, 6 AKC Conformation Points
  • Treasure Seeker’s Absolute Gem, CD, IPO1, WAC (Abby) —New AKC CD—Owner Carole Bohanen-Uhler
  • Treasure Seeker’s Archer, CD, BN, RE (Archer) —New AKC CD, BN, RA, RE —Owner Laura Blankenship
  • Treasure Seeker’s Black Diamond, RN, CGC (Loki)—New RN, CGC—Owner Zach & Jaque Millis
  • Treasure Seeker’s Black Onyx, ATT, BH, CA, CGCA  (Nyx) — New BH, UDC ATT, 1 UDC CC—Owner Jackie Thompson
  • Treasure Seeker’s Calypso Nights, CGC (Quinn)—New CGC—Owner Maria Ciski
  • Treasure Seeker’s Celestial Charm, CGC (Bijou) —New CGC—Owner Deborah Ladd