Dobermans For Sale

Spring 2021 Breeding Plans

We are planning an outstanding working/show litter in the spring of 2021.  Our Pearlie Girl, AKC/UDC Champion Treasure Seeker's Black Pearl, IGP2, VCX, WAC, CGC will be bred to the talented and handsome Hurin Jarl Swiftrun vom Larson, IPO3, AD. 

Pearl is a member of an exclusive club of AKC Champion Dobermans that are also titled in schutzhund.  Hurin is a national level all-breed schutzhund competitor.   This world-class breeding is a limited opportunity for the discriminating buyer who is seeking a true working Doberman with brains and beauty, with the potential to compete nationally and internationally. 

We are expecting an all-black/rust litter sometime in February.  Puppies will be ready for their new homes sometime in May of 2021.  Puppies will be cropped and docked before placement unless sold to experienced schutzhund competitors who intend to compete internationally.

If you are interested in acquiring one of these promising puppies, please complete our Puppy Buyer Questionnaire and send to

Hurin Jarl Swiftrun vom Larson, IPO3, AD  

Hurin Jarl Swiftrun vom Larson, IPO3, AD

OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Eyes Normal
Holter Monitor Normal 5/2019
VWD - Clear
DCM1 – Heterozygous
DCM2 – Heterozygous



AKC/UDC Ch. Treasure Seeker's Black Pearl, IGP2, VCX, WAC, CGC

AKC/UDC Ch. Treasure Seeker's Black Pearl, IGP2, VCX, WAC, CGC

OFA Hips Fair
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Eyes Normal
Echo/Holter Normal 3/2020
VWD – Carrier
DCM1 – Clear
DCM2 – Heterozygous



(Each dog name below links to entry in Dobequest)

Doberwache's Amatzon Sch3, IPO3, FH, AD

Jonas v Haus Weissenberger SchH3, IPO3, ZTP, AD

Hella Graefin v Fuerstenloh SchH 3, IPO3, WDC Weltmeister '96, ZTP

Jim v Arachgrund BH VPG3 SchH3 AD GFFB SG-1A CD D-CD WAC CGC

Arogon v Toering Angekort 2VA, SchH3, AD

Angie v Aurachgrund SchH3, IPO3, AD, ZTP V1A

Kira v Altrhein Angekort 2VA, SchH3, IPO3

Dark Nemo v Koby Haus IPO3, ZTP V1A

Ijanko vd Klingenstadt

Erik v Strundertal SchH3, IPO3, ZTP-SG1A

Hexe vd Mooreiche SchH3, AD, ZTP Angekort IIB

Koby v Aurachgrund SchH III, WD3, AD, FH2 LC-12D

Eiko v Bayern Sch3, FH1, ZTP-SG1A

Gipsy v Aurachgrund IPO3, VPG3, AD, ZTP-V1A

Angie v Aurachgrund SchH3, IPO3, AD, ZTP V1A

Hurin Jarl Swift Run v Larson IPO3 AD

Arras v Wehebach SchH3, IPO 3, FH, Angek Kl.1

Alexander v Haus Jagen SchH III IPO3 FH ZTP SG1A AD CGC WAC LC-14D

Ali v Westervelt SchH1

UDC Ch Swift Run's Showstopper v Kkro BSA -E1A, D-CD, BH, WAC, LC-10L

Herro v Bogenstadt SchH III IPO 3 ZTP VG1B WAC CD

Bella Vline Kollund Kro BH WAC

Camilla v Kaiserhaus SchH III FH IPO III WAC CD CGC

Schloss Neuschwanstein v Swift Run

Gabor v Castell VDH CAC, CAC, CAJC, AD, BH, IPO 2

Agir Miss Jakoso IPO 3, SchH 3, ZTP 1A

Peri Bobrava

Asti v Rubenhof IPO1, SCH1, WD1

DV Sieger Hadar Hosea v Diaspora

Hillary Cerny Trun SCH3, IPO3, ZVV1

Judyt Dunaxa BH, ZV II,IPO III, SchH III

Treasure Seeker D Litter - 2020

Cro/Int Ch AIAD/EUR/IDC Sgr Eko Royal Bell VPG1, ZTP V1A

Fra/Int/Por/Spa Ch F'Hiram-Abif Royal Bell BH, IPO1, Brevet,TAN, ZTP V1A

Cro/Int Ch EUR Sgrn Eboni v Residenzschloss IPO1, ZTP

Austrian CH Don Diego v Harten Kern BH, VPG I, IPO III, AD, ZTP 1B, Angekoert

Bel/Ger/Int/VDH Ch Jivago vh Wantij ADpr BH IPO3 ZVA-1A LC-10D

Grafin Draska Jimona of Mon-ja-mes IPO 3

Aus, Int, CZ, VDH CH Miss Mona v Heckendorf SCH I

Ikarus v Hellerwald IPO3, FH2, AD, ZTP-V1A

AIAD/BD/EUR Sgr Rui Manuel del Rio Bianco SchH1 ZTP-V1A LC-10D

Hudson Hawk v Jahrestal ZTP 1A SG, BH, AD, VPG III, IPO III, Angekoert 2B

CH INT, RUS, RKF, EST, LAT, FIN CW Zolotaya Dinastiya Ebonny IPO I

Djana v Hellerwald BH, ZTP 1A V, AD, IPO III

VDH, DV Ch Kim v Nassau-Oranien BH, AD, Sch I, ZTP V1A, Angekort 1B

Ajoko v Avalon ZTP 1A SG, BH, AD, VPG III, IPO III, Angekort ZVA 2B

Daisy vd Alten Kapelle BH, ZTP 1B V, SchH I

AKC/UDC Ch Treasure Seeker's Black Pearl IGP2, VCX, WAC, CGC

Astor del Citone SchH1, ZTP V1A

Int/Ita Ch WW/DV/IDCW/WELT Sgr Gino Gomez del Citone FH, SchH3, ZVA-1A

AIAD/BD/DV/VDH/WELT Sgrn Arielle d' Amour del Citone SchH1, ZTP V1A

UDC CH, ADA Sieger Bell'Lavoro Augustus SchH III, FH, ZTP1A, WAC, CGC. LC-10D

Ch Cara's Skeeter SchH 1 ZTP V1A WAC BH

Cara's Matik Gift For Gab CDX CGC WAC TDI D-CD VC D-ZTP VG1B T-2 SchH3 LC-11L

Rubina v Brandenburg CD

UDC Ch Morgana's Irresistible Treasure CD, D-CD, IPO3, BSA VG2A, VCX, WAC

Medieval Ritter v Elkhaus CD WAC CGC


BJF Great Expectations Elray WAC CGC

UDC Ch Morgana's Heart of Fire BH WAC CGC

Am/Can Ch Chalmar's the Big Red One AD, D-CD, SchH3, WAC, ZTP-V1A, LC-11D

Morgana's First Love CD WAC

Morgana's Diamond Lil CD TD WAC SCH 2 FH FFB SG1A