Performance, Show, Companion, Health 

We are a family-owned Doberman kennel. We follow the Doberman Pinscher Club of America Code of Ethics and the United Doberman Club Code of Ethics in our breeding practices.   

We plan limited breedings to produce quality Dobermans from top American and European bloodlines with the beauty to compete in the conformation ring as well as the solid, stable, temperament necessary to compete successfully in dog sports such as agility and schutzhund, and to be outstanding personal and family companions and protectors.  

We engage in extensive health testing for our breeding animals and provide transparency to our puppy buyers regarding health test results. 

If you are interested in acquiring a Treasure Seeker Doberman, please complete our  Puppy Buyer Questionnaire and email us at Treasure Seeker Dobermans

Penny in the Courage Test - WDC 2014

Leslie Carpenter, owner of Treasure Seeker Dobermans, is a member in good standing of the 

United Doberman Club  and the Doberman Pinscher Club of America.

United Doberman Club

We do not condone or support the breeding of the "white"/albino Doberman as it is a genetic mutation.

If you are interested in bringing a Doberman into your home, but are unable to commit to the purchase price of a quality puppy, please consider rescue.  If you have the patience, love, structure, and training commitment required to rehabilitate a Doberman in need, Doberman Rescue of the Triad may have a companion suitable for you and your family. 

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