Our Stars


  • Treasure Seeker's Enchanted Gem - "Cleo" - New AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

  • Treasure Seeker's Great Expectations - "Dickens" - New AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy

  • Treasure Seeker's Forged in Fire - "Grayson" - Best Opposite Puppy x3 - 2022 UDC National Specialty Show

  • Treasure Seeker's Elegant Jewel, D-BN, CGC, TKI - "Elle" - New AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, New UDC Beginner Novice Title, New Canine Good Citizen, New AKC Trick Dog

  • Treasure Seeker's Featured Attraction - "Krosno" - New AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy

2021 here we come!

  • AKC/UDC Ch. Treasure Seeker's Black Pearl, IGP3, ROM, VCX, CGC (Pearl) - New ROM (Register of Merit), New IGP3

  • UDC Ch. Treasure Seeker's Calypso Nights, CGC, WAC, TT, SAR-HRD - New UDC Champion

  • Treasure Seeker's Diamond Lil - "Lily" - New AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy

2020 Accomplishments

  • AKC/UDC Ch. Treasure Seeker's Black Pearl, IGP2, VCX, WAC, CGC (Pearl) - New IGP2 (x2), New AKC Champion, New UDC VCX

  • Treasure Seeker's Cherished Gem, BH - New BH

2019 was ALSO a busy year!

  • UDC Ch. Treasure Seeker's Black Pearl, IGP1, WAC, CGC (Pearl) - New IGP1

  • Treasure Seeker's Cherished Gem, WAC - New DPCA WAC

And the beat goes on in 2018!

  • UDC Ch. Treasure Seeker’s Black Pearl, BH, WAC, CGC (Pearl) —New BH, New UDC Champion, New CGC

  • UDC Ch. Treasure Seeker's Asher, IPO3, WAC (Asher) - New IPO3, New UDC Champion

  • Treasure Seeker's Black Onyx, IPO1, WAC, ATT, CA, CGCA - New IPO1, New WAC - Owner Jackie Thompson

  • Treasure Seeker's Calypso Nights, CGC (Quinn) - Level III HRD test (Search and Rescue) - Owner - Maria Ciski

  • Treasure Seeker's Archer, CD, BN, RE, BTr - New Mondioring Brevet - Owner Laura Blankenship

We have been busy in 2017!

  • Treasure Seeker’s Asher, IPO2, WAC (Asher)—New IPO2 (85-73-85a), 2 UDC CCs

  • Treasure Seeker’s Black Pearl, WAC (Pearl) —New WAC, 2 UDC Youth CCs, 6 AKC Conformation Points

  • Treasure Seeker’s Absolute Gem, CD, IPO1, WAC (Abby) —New AKC CD—Owner Carole Bohanen-Uhler

  • Treasure Seeker’s Archer, CD, BN, RE (Archer) —New AKC CD, BN, RA, RE —Owner Laura Blankenship

  • Treasure Seeker’s Black Diamond, RN, CGC (Loki)—New RN, CGC—Owner Zach & Jaque Millis

  • Treasure Seeker’s Black Onyx, ATT, BH, CA, CGCA (Nyx) — New BH, UDC ATT, 1 UDC CC—Owner Jackie Thompson

  • Treasure Seeker’s Calypso Nights, CGC (Quinn)—New CGC—Owner Maria Ciski

  • Treasure Seeker’s Celestial Charm, CGC (Bijou) —New CGC—Owner Deborah Ladd

Working puppies start young! Here are couple of short clips showing beginning schutzhund training for two of the Treasure Seeker "A" litter puppies.