Our First Homebred IPO3!

Post date: Apr 12, 2018 12:23:47 PM

Treasure Seeker's Asher became our first homebred IPO3 on March 24, 2018, at the Raleigh Schuzthund Association club trial in Rougemont, North Carolina.  89-70-92a. Judge Arthur Collins, USCA.  Photo courtesy of Derek Falzarano.  

Asher courage test.

Treasure Seeker's Asher, IPO3, WAC

AKC/UDC Ch. Chaos vom Koby Haus, CDX, IPO3, Sch3, ZTP1A, FH2, CGC, WAC, ROM x 

UDC Ch. Morgana's Irresistible Treasure, CD, D-CD, IPO3, BSA-VG2a, VC, WAC