Penny goes High Point All Around!

Post date: Jun 11, 2015 11:57:31 AM

Morgana's Irresistible Treasure, CD, IPO3, BSA-VG2a, WAC earned the coveted United Doberman Club High Point All Around award for the 2015 National Specialty Show.  To earn this award, a dog must compete in multiple events, and earns points for competing, placement, and special awards.  Penny earned two of the required three CCs (Challenge Certificates) toward her UDC Conformation Championship.  She earned two of three required legs toward her UDC Companion Dog title, she earned her Breed Survey Advanced, and she competed and qualified in the National IPO Trial with scores of 97-75-85a.

Our Penny is truly a "Total Doberman"!  Congratulations to Penelope Brooks, MD, of Morgana Dobermans, who bred and co-owns this wonderful bitch!

2015 UDC National Specialty
Penny On Guard
High Point All Around Award